Cycling Classes 3rd – 6th Class

Children learnt the rules of the road for cyclists recently with six lesson with John from Cork Sports Partnership. It was a big hit with the children and they learnt so much.

Best Wishes for the Future

We had a leaving party last week. We wish them all the best in their new schools.

Farewell to Jim

We recently presented to Jim our postman a beautiful picture to acknowledge his hard work over the years. We will miss him and we wish him well for the future.

Man of the Match!

Congratulations to Mark Buckley who received the honour of Man of the Match for Sciath na Scol. He was presented with a trophy in Mallow GAA complex recently.

Sponsored Walk June 2015 – Infants

We really enjoyed the sponsored walk around the GAA pitch. We completed two laps. We had lovely treats from the parents association in the playground afterwards.

Our Grassland Walk – Infants

We recently explored the grassland at the back of the school. We searched for plants that like to grow in this area. We pressed the flowers, identified them and labelled them.

Mini Beast Hunt – Woodlouse – Infants

We recently set off with our pooters to capture and draw some woodlouse. We knew to search places that were cold and damp.

Counting Maths Trail – Infants

We recently completed pair work with a counting maths trail around the school environment.

Active School Week 2015 – Infants

The infants enjoyed walking, jogging, orienteering and circuit training during active school week 2015. We enjoyed it.