Sports Day May 2015

An enjoyable day was had by everyone. The children competed in straight races, novelty races, relays and obstacle courses. For their hard work they all enjoyed an ice cream – a fundraiser for Autism Ireland. A big thank you to the Parents Association for organising this.




Capacity – Infants

We were learning about capacity in our maths recently. We used language of full, empty, half full, nearly full and nearly empty. We also got wet in the process.

Aistear – My Body Theme – April/May 2015

We had a great time learning about ” My Body” in the infant classroom. We had a visit from Lauren’s Mom telling us all about the important work that a nurse does. We set up a doctor surgery in the classroom where children took turns pretending they were the doctor, nurse, patient and receptionist. We had a hospital in our small world where at times there was huge queues in the waiting room. We had paramedics and an ambulance bringing patients to the A&E. Children created x-rays and made fabulous constructions in our junk art and building area. We played the game called “Operation” and “Doctor, Doctor”.

Holy Communion 2015

We recently celebrated the First Holy Communion in

Saint Peter and Paul’s Church, Dromina.