Easter Egg Hunt in the Playground

The Lego Workshop

Lego Workshop – Junior & Senior Infants

The Junior and Senior Infant class had a great time recently when a Lego workshop came to our school. They had to design and make objects that might be found in a playground. They were very creative.

Raising of the PAWS Flag and Seachtaine na Gaeilge 2015

We held a concert for Seachtaine Na Gaeilge to celebrate the raising of the Water Safety Flag in our school. The pupils performed excellently with songs, music and drama as Gaeilge.

World Book Day 2015

We dressed up for World Book Day in March. The children and the staff dressed up as characters from our favourite stories.


Aistear – Farm Theme – Feb/Mar 2015

We had a wonderful time learning about the farm. We dressed up as farmers and animals. We fed the farm animals. We created a class farm collage as a team. We learnt about the parts of a cow and what the cow gives us and even wrote a silly poem about them. Some of us got the opportunity to milk the cow in the drama area. We discovered the life cycle of the chicken and watched a video of chicks hatching. We had a sensory farm and pond. In the language station we learnt about the concepts of “before and after”. The children learnt and used lots of language carrying out these various tasks.

Making arrays of 5 – Junior Infants

Using pegboards in our maths we were discovering different arrays of 5. Some children made the letter L. Others made towers to represent 5.