Learning about the Number 7 – Infants

Senior Infants are learning all about the number 7. Look and see our sets of 7 objects.

Picasso Art Senior Classes

The pupils created lovely pictures.

Food Tasting – Healthy Lunches – Nov 2014

A huge thank you to the parents association for providing us with a fantastic display of healthy lunch options. All the pupils got the opportunity to taste new and different foods. We all enjoyed this annual event.


Fire Safety – Junior & Senior Infants

Junior and Senior Infants were learning what to do when the fire alarm goes off in the school. We must listen carefully to the teacher and walk safely into a line at the door. We must not take our belongings with us. The last person leaving the room must close the door. We gather at the assembly point and the rolla is called out. We did really well – look at our pictures.